Our place within our land

The production of any cash crop carries potential cost in the loss of bio-diversity and degradation of natural resources. At the same time without the economic empowerment that crops like cocoa make possible farmer’s livelihoods and the economic prosperity of the nation would be challenged. There is a fine balance to be struck; within the realms of what is possible, and one that we champion. The total economic cost of degradation of natural resources and poor environmental management has been estimated to be at least ten percent of Ghana’s economic income (GDP), and yet there is insufficient site-specific information to demonstrate the economic cost of the loss of forest ecosystems. We support the Ghana Wildlife Society’s mission to conserve wildlife in all its forms to ensure a better environment and for improved quality of life for all people.

Indeed the cocoa tree requires the shade of larger species to thrive, providing opportunity to maintain biodiversity if we only understand what is required. We are inextricably linked to the land and each bar of chocolate reaffirms that connection and our role as custodians of the land, animals, birds and insects and our guardianship of the soul of our country. This is why we chose to link our chocolate directly back to the land that nurtured each bean by linking each variety to a bird species of Ghana. Through this we hope to evoke the spirit of our country, encourage appreciation for its biodiversity and enable all to participate directly in the guardianship of our great land.

We encourage you to listen to our soundscapes. Relax and let them waft you across the land to our forests, glades and streams. Learn to recognise our birds, and experience the joy of identifying them yourselves in the wild. This website has links to areas and activities where you can experience the boundless enthusiasm of nature directly. It’s right there. Go find it.

A set percentage of Mansa Gold profits after tax will be donated to the Ghana Wildlife Society and other similar projects and institutions.