Dark chocolate with a 71% cocoa content.  A dark chocolate with the pure taste of Ghana’s cocoa.  This variety will appeal to connoisseur consumers who wish to experience the best of Ghana’s cocoa devoid of distraction.

Chosen as this bar’s representative is an emblem of the night, Opieto, the wise owl.  It is the truly amazing abilities that the owl possesses that often leads to the attachment of superstitious beliefs and stigmatisation to the deterrent of the species.  To us it represents the mystery of the dark and the alchemic transformation of the bean to a food so delicious and life-affirming it has been associated with regeneration and health from its discovery.


Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin (emulsifier). For Allergens see ingredients in bold.

71% cocoa solids. Produced in an environment that handles Nuts. Suitable for Vegans and the Lactose Intolerant. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Bono Mint



The Northern White-faced Owl is nocturnal and crepuscular (one of our favourite words).  A relatively small, soft slivery grey-brown owl, with a contrasting white face bodily outlined with black, large orange eyes and distinct eye-tufts, it can be found mainly in wooded grassland and other wooded habitats, where it roosts by day in trees and bushes often in rather open situations.  With its camouflaging abilities you are unlikely to see it, but its soft soothing double-barrelled hoots can often be heard at night and provides a welcome and calming note upon which to drift to sleep at the end of the day.