About Us

Long before we were named Ghana and before that, Gold Coast, we inhabited this land with the generosity of spirit, the warmth of smile, the genuineness of welcome, the ingenuity of intellect, and the intricate interwoven silken strands of all our cultures that we are famed for. The golden thread that binds? Our love and respect for each other and the land that nurtures us. This is our strength and our wealth. This is who we are.

At Mansa Gold each gram of chocolate is infused with the spirit of the country and people. When you eat our chocolate, know who we are. Appreciate the depth of character and fullness of flavour that comes only from the determination to produce the very best. From the magnanimous farmer who tends the cocoa trees for five years before the chance of first harvest, to the careful selection by us of all the ingredients that go into each bar and the detailed processing and packaging that creates a delicious treat designed to engage every sense.

Truly outstanding cocoa comes from Ghana. Now truly outstanding (and scrumptious) chocolate does too!

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The Pod

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Our Logo

Look closely. What do you see? Three interlinked pods within a circle.

A stylised representation of a cocoa pod sliced horizontally; but beyond that, the circle representing the full completion of our golden journey and the pods celebrating the riches of our country and people.