Bean to Bar
(or even Tree to Bar)

We take the finest ingredients, utilise the best of technology infused with creative culinary arts and genuine love to create rich, smooth, melt-in-the-mouth uniquely flavoured chocolate. From bean to bar we carry out the steps of processing from cocoa to chocolate ourselves. Our beans are from our land where the farmers have worked to grow the best quality cocoa beans fermented to perfection and dried in the golden sunshine of Ghana. The beans are then given to us to roast, grind, process with quality inputs, conch and mould into our distinctive design.

Ghana cocoa is regarded as of the best quality and prized for its rich ‘chocolately’ flavour. Working directly with the farmers has enabled us expand on this reputation to produce chocolate with distinct flavour profiles derived from the various individual areas from which our beans are grown. Rather than producing chocolate from a homogeneous mix of beans from unidentified sources around the country, we utilise highest quality beans from a limited number of known farms. We input into the agricultural and post-harvest processes and can truly claim that our products go beyond “bean to bar” and are rightly “tree to bar”.

Our production processes are then carefully calibrated to enhance the particular flavour profiles identified. We hope you will enjoy discovering the full range of tastes of Ghana with us.

Our Cocoa Beans

We are currently utilising beans from three regions in Ghana, the Oti Region, Central Region and Eastern Region, and are looking to expand our flavour profiles by eventually utilising beans from all areas of Ghana where cocoa is grown.

From a little village deep in the Oti Region close to Jasikan, this bean is used in our dark bar for an intensity of aromatic flavour.

Our Central Region bean provides the characteristically chocolatey hues of our milk chocolate bar.

From the Eastern Region we have a truly outstanding bean, 2019 International Cocoa Award winner. Used in our dark milk chocolate bar, find out more about this bean here: Cocoa Of Excellence

We work with the farmers to ensure quality and return them a premium on their beans.